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The Power of Testimonial Video

Crafting Powerful Testimonial Videos

Videos are some of the most potent business tools currently available, thanks in part to the increasing availability of video production tools.  But just because the tools to make videos are widely available does not mean that the skill set is there. Many would-be video producers simply do not have the know-how to maximize their chosen medium. There are many reasons for failures, especially when it comes to making videos that are intended to promote a product or service. These are just a few common failures:

  • Failing to really show the product or service
  • Failing to connect the intended audience with the product or service
  • Failing to explain why a product or service is important to its intended audience

Basically, companies fail to showcase their products in a manner that catches people’s attention, delivers key pieces of information at the right time, and demonstrates in some manner just how a specific product can help people solve specific problems. Testimonial videos can effectively solve the above problems and deliver a powerful, value-rich message to an audience that is more receptive to the information you have to share.

Weighing the Benefits of a Testimonial Video

Many videos simply showcase a product without really identifying how it helps people or identifying the people who have already benefited from it. Showing the features of a product and how it works is good for audiences that have already decided that the product is the right solution for their problem – and for audiences that have no other choice when it comes to their product selection. Sometimes a product is so dominant in a field that little convincing is required.

On the other hand, audiences that might still be undecided need a little more convincing. This is where the strength of testimonial videos really shines. Audience members see people just like them describing how a product solved a problem they had.

Why Are Testimonials So Effective?

 A testimonial from someone is effective for several reasons. For instance:

  • The audience member sees someone who is not a salesperson praising a product – The person giving the testimonial is more readily perceived as someone who can be trusted to tell the truth about a product and how it can solve problems.
  • The audience member can believe that the person giving the testimonial has no vested interest in convincing them to try a product – They see themselves in the person giving the testimonial and so a rapport is established.
  • The person giving the testimonial is therefore perceived as trustworthy – The audience member can trust that the person is telling the truth about the effectiveness, value, quality, and superiority of the product in question.

Discover the Power of Testimonials Today

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