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5 Ways Your Non-Profit Should Use Video

Asking people to donate their hard-earned money can be a challenge, even for a non-profit with a compelling story. With social media taking over everyday life, it makes sense to reach out to a larger audience by utilizing the connections made on a range of platforms. One way that many successful non-profits have done this is by creating videos that tell stories. If you need to increase your organization’s fundraising power, professional video production may be the missing link.

Focus on a Goal: Donations

Your non-profit business cannot function without the donations of generous people, but how do you encourage people to donate without feeling like you’re begging? While raising awareness is a worthy goal, it is something that can be accomplished as you focus entirely on fundraising. The video you produce should be created with donations in mind, with a clear message and transparency so donors feel good about giving you money.

Utilize the First Frame

With so many non-profits beginning to use video production for fundraising purposes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the online attention you need. Studies have found that as many as 20 percent of viewers only watch a video online for about 10 seconds. In order to keep viewers interested and watching through to the end of your video, you must utilize your first frame.

Know Your Audience

If you already have supporters, then you may have a good idea of what they like and how they spend their time online. If the majority of your donors use Facebook, then that should be where you work to share your video. If Instagram is the more popular platform, share your video there. Remember, you can use multiple platforms to reach more people.

Tell a Story

Simply presenting facts about your non-profit may seem like a good idea, but it may not be enough to capture the attention of viewers. Telling the story of how your organization came to be or how it has helped a specific person is more compelling and likely to draw people in.

Accept Feedback

If you have never created a video before, it may feel uncomfortable putting yourself and your non-profit out there. If you receive criticism, remember that it can be used constructively for your next production. Often, an outsider can help you see an issue that you may never have noticed on your own.

When increasing donations to your non-profit is your goal, professional video production by Bruce Productions is your best bet.

What Does a Great Training Video Contain (Large)

Save Time and Money and Train More Effectively

What Does a Great Training Video Contain?

Training videos are just about as old as video technology itself. There is huge benefit in being able to deliver timely, accurate, and consistent training to employees and other team members. However, training videos are not automatically great; the right approach video production must be made in order for the finished product to really serve the business it represents. Because these videos will be seen hundreds – possibly thousands – of times before they are retired, it makes sense to invest in a quality solution. Bruce Production helps companies and private organizations access superior production solutions for training videos and much more. We know what it takes to deliver an effective and memorable training video and we want you to know our secrets.

Information Demonstrated

Telling people how to do something is ultimately less effective than telling and showing. Show-and-tell is a skill we should all have mastered a long time ago but many training videos fail to meet this basic standard. Demonstrating the right way and wrong way to do things is another similar approach that helps trainees see examples of the work they will soon be doing. This also has the advantage of helping people practice noticing examples of work done incorrectly, thereby letting them correct the problem during the execution of the task while on the job.

Many types of information are ideal for demonstrating visually, such as:

  • Assembling components into a finished product
  • Preparing ingredients for a meal
  • Delivering superior customer service
  • Operating machines and tools
  • Troubleshooting equipment
  • Showing products to shoppers
  • Using complex computer software

These are just some of the tasks and operations that should be explained verbally while being demonstrated on film. This show-and-tell approach enhances the video, improves its educational value, and is an effective use of time.

Implementing Training Videos in the Workplace

There are many ways that training videos are used by businesses and other organization. This can include:

  • New employee training
  • Technician training and certification
  • Implementation of new equipment and tools
  • Skill-sharing between business teams

Basically, a training video can be used any time employees need to learn skills and demonstrate mastery of information.

Videos are an ideal tool when employees are required to recertify their knowledge base every year; since videos can be created to emphasize all essential points, you can feel confident that the correct information will be imparted every time. This particular benefit of video training is especially helpful in situations such as:

  • HIPPA recertification
  • Health and safety certification
  • IT security training
  • Vendor and third-party training

The video and any subsequent post-test can be used to comprehensively address all kinds of certification and recertification. Many of these concerns are shaped by governmental or industry mandates, so they must be appropriately addressed by every organization.

Your Video Production Partner

Bruce Productions is a full-service video production company specializing in training videos and other forms of corporate communication. Contact us today to begin crafting the next generation of educational material for your organization. We are happy to help you craft a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Bruce Productions is based in the Wilmington, DE / Philadelphia, PA area but can accommodate clients throughout the US and around the world.Save

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Get Your Project Funded With the Right Video

Sometimes just having a great idea isn’t enough to get people to help you get it off the ground, which is why many people turn to video production to help with their crowdfunding campaigns. No matter your final end goal, raising enough money to fund your passion requires the assistance of others and their willingness to give you a portion of their paycheck. With this in mind, find out why you need a video to go along with your campaign and how to make one that will work for you.

Why Do Videos Help?

In the day and age of social media, videos are king. Think of any viral video and you’ll understand the impact that sharing can make. Statistics show that crowdfunding campaigns that use pitch videos to encourage donations raise up to four times more money that those campaigns that choose to forgo videos. In addition, if you want your business to be successful, you’ve got to include videos. Campaigns with videos have a 50 percent success rate, compared to only 30 percent for video-less campaigns.

Include the Basics

While a highly-produced, interesting video is fun to watch, it may not be informative enough to get the funding you need. When creating your video script, be sure to include the following:

  • Your idea and where it came from
  • Your personal backstory
  • Where you are in the development process
  • Your feelings on the project

This information is essential when it comes to crowdfunding, because it helps tell your story while providing a background for connection.

Keep it Short

Your video should be five minutes in length, at the most. Anything longer than that can result in lost interest. Your audience is more likely to click away if you don’t get right to the point, so be sure not to drag on and on. Additionally, make sure the first 10 seconds of your video will capture your audience’s attention.

Invest in Quality

Audio and video quality can be a deal breaker for many potential funders. Your audience needs to be able to hear what you have to say and see what you have to offer. Going the DIY route may work for some, but professional help can ensure that you get the results you want. Investing in quality video production may be what spells the difference between success and failure of your crowdfunding campaign. When you’re ready to get started, contact the professionals at Bruce Productions.

Bruce Productions is based in the Wilmington, DE / Philadelphia, PA area but can accommodate clients throughout the US and around the world.

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The Power of Testimonial Video

Crafting Powerful Testimonial Videos

Videos are some of the most potent business tools currently available, thanks in part to the increasing availability of video production tools.  But just because the tools to make videos are widely available does not mean that the skill set is there. Many would-be video producers simply do not have the know-how to maximize their chosen medium. There are many reasons for failures, especially when it comes to making videos that are intended to promote a product or service. These are just a few common failures:

  • Failing to really show the product or service
  • Failing to connect the intended audience with the product or service
  • Failing to explain why a product or service is important to its intended audience

Basically, companies fail to showcase their products in a manner that catches people’s attention, delivers key pieces of information at the right time, and demonstrates in some manner just how a specific product can help people solve specific problems. Testimonial videos can effectively solve the above problems and deliver a powerful, value-rich message to an audience that is more receptive to the information you have to share.

Weighing the Benefits of a Testimonial Video

Many videos simply showcase a product without really identifying how it helps people or identifying the people who have already benefited from it. Showing the features of a product and how it works is good for audiences that have already decided that the product is the right solution for their problem – and for audiences that have no other choice when it comes to their product selection. Sometimes a product is so dominant in a field that little convincing is required.

On the other hand, audiences that might still be undecided need a little more convincing. This is where the strength of testimonial videos really shines. Audience members see people just like them describing how a product solved a problem they had.

Why Are Testimonials So Effective?

 A testimonial from someone is effective for several reasons. For instance:

  • The audience member sees someone who is not a salesperson praising a product – The person giving the testimonial is more readily perceived as someone who can be trusted to tell the truth about a product and how it can solve problems.
  • The audience member can believe that the person giving the testimonial has no vested interest in convincing them to try a product – They see themselves in the person giving the testimonial and so a rapport is established.
  • The person giving the testimonial is therefore perceived as trustworthy – The audience member can trust that the person is telling the truth about the effectiveness, value, quality, and superiority of the product in question.

Discover the Power of Testimonials Today

Give testimonials a try with the help of the experts at Bruce Productions; we excel in developing a wide variety of top quality video productions near our offices in the Wilmington, DE, and Philadelphia, PA area. We also travel where you need us to go anywhere in the world or can even work with you remotely. Our experts are here to help you maximize the value of all video utilized by your organization for training, education, communication, and other purposes; contact us today to begin developing the perfect solution to your communication needs.