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What Does a Great Training Video Contain (Large)

Save Time and Money and Train More Effectively

What Does a Great Training Video Contain?

Training videos are just about as old as video technology itself. There is huge benefit in being able to deliver timely, accurate, and consistent training to employees and other team members. However, training videos are not automatically great; the right approach video production must be made in order for the finished product to really serve the business it represents. Because these videos will be seen hundreds – possibly thousands – of times before they are retired, it makes sense to invest in a quality solution. Bruce Production helps companies and private organizations access superior production solutions for training videos and much more. We know what it takes to deliver an effective and memorable training video and we want you to know our secrets.

Information Demonstrated

Telling people how to do something is ultimately less effective than telling and showing. Show-and-tell is a skill we should all have mastered a long time ago but many training videos fail to meet this basic standard. Demonstrating the right way and wrong way to do things is another similar approach that helps trainees see examples of the work they will soon be doing. This also has the advantage of helping people practice noticing examples of work done incorrectly, thereby letting them correct the problem during the execution of the task while on the job.

Many types of information are ideal for demonstrating visually, such as:

  • Assembling components into a finished product
  • Preparing ingredients for a meal
  • Delivering superior customer service
  • Operating machines and tools
  • Troubleshooting equipment
  • Showing products to shoppers
  • Using complex computer software

These are just some of the tasks and operations that should be explained verbally while being demonstrated on film. This show-and-tell approach enhances the video, improves its educational value, and is an effective use of time.

Implementing Training Videos in the Workplace

There are many ways that training videos are used by businesses and other organization. This can include:

  • New employee training
  • Technician training and certification
  • Implementation of new equipment and tools
  • Skill-sharing between business teams

Basically, a training video can be used any time employees need to learn skills and demonstrate mastery of information.

Videos are an ideal tool when employees are required to recertify their knowledge base every year; since videos can be created to emphasize all essential points, you can feel confident that the correct information will be imparted every time. This particular benefit of video training is especially helpful in situations such as:

  • HIPPA recertification
  • Health and safety certification
  • IT security training
  • Vendor and third-party training

The video and any subsequent post-test can be used to comprehensively address all kinds of certification and recertification. Many of these concerns are shaped by governmental or industry mandates, so they must be appropriately addressed by every organization.

Your Video Production Partner

Bruce Productions is a full-service video production company specializing in training videos and other forms of corporate communication. Contact us today to begin crafting the next generation of educational material for your organization. We are happy to help you craft a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

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