Make the Sale with Product Videos Done Right

Once an occasional feature on marketing websites, product videos are now an expected staple and are important to increase your sales conversion rate. As a supremely engaging medium, product video production done right can grow your sales by 30 to 80 percent. Product videos can also be a part of your branding strategy, social media outreach, and a tool to earn potential customers’ trust. Here are some reasons why you should get videos made in order to market and sell your products.

Quickly Consumable Information

With the advent of the internet, people have been conditioned to readily access information, then consume it in as little time as possible. Videos have now become the preferred medium of communication to find out how a product works in an absolute minimum of time. Gain more exposure by packaging your information in a format that is more likely to be utilized.

Portable Promotion Packs a Punch

Your own product videos are a powerful promotional tool that is portable! Not only can you upload your video to your website, but to your social media feed and international websites like YouTube. This enables you to get the maximum amount of exposure for your product online. In addition, websites with video tend to get ranked higher in search engine results than sites with just texts, pictures, and audio files.

Capture Attention and Keep it on Your Website

Not only are product videos able to convey in three minutes what it would take 15 minutes to read in text format, they are able to appeal to a broad audience. A video can capture the viewer’s attention whether they are a visual or audio learner. They can see and hear the emotion of the demonstrator as the product is being used, which is next to impossible to achieve in print. In addition, it has been shown that product videos increase the amount of time a web surfer spends on your page.

More for the Money

With product demonstration videos you can get international exposure for the modest amount it costs to have the video produced. Product videos give you a lot of marketing versatility. Video distribution channels include:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Company website
  • Email newsletter
  • Video sharing sites (YouTube)

Go With a Professional Production Company

There is nothing better to gain the trust of the public than with a well-produced video that introduces the public to your brand and product. At Bruce Productions, we have extensive experience in capturing an audience’s attention with professional audiovisual products. We have state of the art capabilities to give you the best product videos possible. We also are available for a wide variety of media needs such as:

  • Web and TV production
  • Sales Training and industrial videos
  • Promotional marketing videos
  • Commercials
  • Music videos

Our voice-over services include:

  • All styles of narration
  • Scoring and songwriting
  • Jingles and theme songs
  • Theme songs

With the majority of internet users relying on video content for information, the opportunity to use product videos in your marketing strategy is too important to pass up. Use product videos to make a great first impression on potential customers that are unfamiliar with your brand or product.