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Three Easy Ways to Make Time for Your Brand

Are you so bogged down with the daily responsibilities of running a business that you’re failing to market your brand? This is a common problem for businesses of all types and sizes, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok. Remember the story of the shoemaker’s kids who went barefoot? Strangely enough, it’s easy to neglect the things that mean most to you.

To keep that from happening, make a video production plan today so you can share your unique story with your customers. Here are three crazy-simple ways to make time for branding.

  1. Use Instant Marketing Methods

Some marketing methods take a while to prepare, edit and reach the consumer. If you don’t currently have time to write and distribute a regular email campaign or tackle a series of informative blog posts, start out small. Take advantage of social media, which gives you the ability to distribute content to your customers ridiculously fast.

When it comes to instant marketing methods that will be most effective for your business, video content can’t be underestimated. Current statistics reveal that 55% of people spend time watching videos online every single day. Take advantage of this trend by regularly posting videos on social media.

  1. Outsource Your Marketing

Do you ever feel like you’re scrambling just to keep the lights on? We get it. Sometimes you’re stretched so thin that you really don’t have time for marketing. If this is the case, why not outsource your marketing projects? Although this will require some funding up-front, it is bound to pay back in the form of increased conversions, greater brand recognition and a more solid online presence.

  1. Invest in Your Future

As great as it may feel to be busy now, what happens when the work dies down? Without a good marketing plan, you won’t have the ability to continue attracting new customers and building your business. By creating an online presence with consistent, unique content now, you will ensure a steady stream of reliable business in the future.

Think of your day-to-day operations as the bare minimum required to stay where you currently are. If you want to grow and experience even more success, you have to look at the big picture and invest (both time and money) into a strategic marketing campaign.

Learn a lesson from the shoemaker and take care of your own needs first by creating an online presence. Call Bruce Productions at +1 302-691-3470 and ask us how we can create unique video content in Wilmington, DE, that will help your brand stand out.

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5 Ways to Win with Video Marketing in 2017

People watch 8 billion video views on Facebook—10 billion on Snapchat—daily. Videos are taking over Twitter and Instagram. Your customers want to watch. Plan a successful video marketing attack for 2017 with these tips:

1. Mix Video Production with Social Media

YouTube channels are great—you should have one. However, people access videos through social media more than anything today. Find out how your target audience watches video:

  • What is your target audience doing on social media?
  • Which social media platform is their favorite?
  • What do they love to watch and share?

Research the answers to those questions and create a series of sharable videos you can post on a regular basis that will get your target audience excited and sharing.

2. Show Video from Sales through Training

Your videos don’t have to be long (between 1-2 minutes is ideal), but they do need to provide real value—from the ones you use to sell to the ones you use to train new customers: Only 4% of customers are willing to read a manual to learn something, 44% of them willingly watch a training video.

3. Engage and Entertain with Live Video

In the past year, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other channels have had ginormous success with live video feeds. It’s an event! People feel like they’re part of something—asking questions while you answer in real time! That immediate engagement really turns people into fans. Plan some live events into your 2017 video production schedule.

4. That’s Infotainment!

You need to make your videos fun as well as informative, or they’ll die in seconds. Market research will help you decide what your prospects think is fun, so let that be your guide. Here’s how we made what could have been a fairly dry subject sunnier: Stay Warm in Philadelphia.

5. 360 Video Production Experience

360 immersive video may still cutting edge (for the next few minutes), but we predict that it’s going to really take off in 2017. Let us help you figure out a way to further engage your viewers with this exciting technology through everything from live video to web design and even email marketing! It’s all about having fun and providing value at the same time.

Contact the Bruce Productions video production team in Wilmington, DE today to create your video marketing success plan for 2017! And Happy New Year!



Are you a Professional? Prove It 3 Ways (with Video Production)

Humans are extremely visual—we prefer show over tell any day. We (as a species) have proved that by watching well over 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day. In fact, by 2020 (which is not as far away as it looks), videos are on track to comprise 75 percent of mobile traffic! So if you really want to prove just how awesome you are as a professional in your field, use a video production series showing your target audience exactly that! Here are three excellent ideas you can try:

  1. What’s in it for them? Viewers don’t really care how many cool bells and whistles your product has. But they do care about how you’re going to solve their problems! Create a series of short videos showcasing how your product or service solves actual, real-life problems. If you own a landscaping business, show them how you solve their yard pest problems. Show them how you increase their home’s real estate value. Use market research and talk with customers to gather ideas.
  2. Tell them a story. Stories draw us in, hold our attention and make us remember things. Humor, irony and strong emotions like surprise, sadness, love, romance, and extreme cuteness are irresistible hooks that draw people into your story. Has your product saved lives? Led to a marriage? Averted disaster? Comforted a child in need? Created a magical moment for someone? Show those stories in a video marketing series.
  3. Do something unconventional. Without being too gimmicky, how does your product go over the top to do amazing things nobody would ever have expected? Remember that “Will it Blend” series of videos for a little-known blender brand? Sure, it was crazy to pulverize expensive electronic gadgets (and other things) into oblivion, but it led to a huge increase in brand recognition and sales. Get real customers’ feedback for this and surprise your audience with crazy stories.

You can use these tips to brainstorm video series ideas that will demonstrate that you really know your stuff—and that you know your audience. And that goes a long way to helping you create the kind of video ad series that builds a fan base. Contact Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE, to work with a video production team that can help you really connect with your audience so they know you’re the pro!



Are you posting enough content

Are You Posting Enough Content?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “…foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” On the other hand, intelligent, well-planned, quality consistency is the key to success—especially when it comes to video marketing. When you invest in video production for your marketing strategy, there are some things you need to do consistently, to build credibility and fandom with your followers:

Educate—Instead of telling your audience what your product can do for them, show them. Post videos on a regular schedule (between 2 to 4 p.m. on week days and 9 to 11 a.m. on the weekends) highlighting specific problems your product or service solves. Demonstrate unexpected or creative ways people can use your product that they wouldn’t otherwise have considered! Good market research will tell you what your target audience wants to know specifically. Then we can create a series of short, fun video spots featuring those educational topics.

Entertain—We advise our clients not focus too much on making “viral” videos, but to focus on providing value for their audience instead. Still, nobody said that educational videos about your product or service have to be boring! Our Wilmington, DE video production team is crazy creative! We can help you come up with educational pieces that are also very entertaining so they pull your audience back on a regular basis to find out what you’re up to next!

Inform—Your company has solved problems and come up with creative solutions that nobody has thought of before! Use video posts to tell your followers how you got there, share industry news that would be important for them to know, or to highlight customers like them.

In order to build a following of fans, you need to keep them engaged regularly. This might mean posting a video every week at the same time, or a couple of times a week at the same time. Post quality content on a consistent basis—content that educates, entertains and informs them in fun ways that make them want to keep watching and buying. (Fun fact: people who watch a video are two times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t see the video!)

Reach out to us at Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE for a video production team who can guide you through the process and become a partner in helping you produce consistent, educational and entertaining video content for your fans!


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5 Tips for Building an Audience of Fans through Video Production

I want to talk a little about the fine line between building traffic and building an audience through consistent video production. In my 5 Things Never to Do in Video Marketing blog a little while ago, I warned people to steer clear of making the “viral video” a goal and insisted that companies focus on frequently engaging their target audience.

Viral videos are obviously awesome: they build traffic and create a stir, but the long-term benefits drop when that 15-minutes-of-fame timer dings. People find other viral videos and forget your brand message.

However, the research on building an audience of fans (not just casual followers, but people so excited about your brand they spread that excitement to others) through video production brings me to the following tips:

  1. Solve their Problems—Post videos often on your website, social media and YouTube channel that show how your product or service can solve real, every-day problems for your target audience.
  2. Include Your Customers in the Video Production—Successful marketing is all about the relationship. If you already have some fans in your target audience, invite them to be part of video FAQs and testimonials.
  3. Engage and Remember—Again with the relationship already? Yes. Example: Do you ever get letters from customers about how your product solved their problems? Featuring their personal stories in video snippets by name (with permission, of course) will cement their loyalty, and they’ll tell their friends.
  4. Fix Problems in a Delightful Way—If you made a mistake (we all do), go above and beyond to fix it with a smile for the unhappy customer and you will probably make that customer a fan for life. Featuring these instances in videos shows that you’re real, that you’re not afraid to apologize, that you care and that people can trust your brand to make things right.
  5. Frequency and Consistency—You’ve already seen me sprinkle these words throughout this blog, but it’s critical to post video content regularly to all of your channels to keep your subscribers and target audience coming back and gathering new subscribers. Lags in video postings cause your fans to cool; keep them hot!

Contact Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE and we can help you plan and execute a great video marketing strategy to help you consistently engage and delight your target audience so they become fans who generate even more fans!


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5 Critical Reasons to Use Video Marketing

By next year, three quarters of all Internet traffic will be video. And Facebook already reports well over 8 billion video views every day. Businesses using video as a marketing tool report video-related sales boosts between 64-85 percent!

Why is it so powerful? This is what our video production team sees:

  1. It sticks in the brain—The brain recalls about 20 percent of what it hears, 30 percent of what it sees, yet a whopping 70 percent of the total sensory experience of hearing and seeing combined. And the brain also processes this combination of visual and audio about 60,000 times faster than plain text. The brain likes slurping up information via video. This is why an excellent video production really impacts the minds of your target audience and encourages action.
  2. Everybody loves a story—One of the things that draws people to a video that talks about your brand is “the story”. Including a protagonist, a problem and a triumph (courtesy of your product or service) tells a universal story that people immediately connect with.
  3. Video is versatile—You can adeptly take care of a broad range of marketing and customer service needs with video. Aside from storytelling in classic advertising format, you can also produce tutorial videos that demonstrate cool ways in which your product makes lives better. Webinars, video FAQs and customer testimonials… the list goes on.
  4. Video is the most popular shareable—Across social media, the most liked and most shared items are videos. And now that platforms like Facebook are streaming live videos, you can use video to actively engage with and interact in real time with viewers, answer their questions, gather customer data, and build relationships.
  5. It works—Twisting it back to the numbers, let me just reiterate that video actually brings solid results on so many levels. It boosts open rates in email marketing and click-through rates by a whopping 200-300 percent. 64 percent of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching one of your videos. What’s more, a great video interaction boosts brand association by 139 percent. How are these numbers even possible?

Simply this: Video production technology—like everything else in tech today—is exploding. Here at Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE, we are part of that exciting explosion. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan out a great video marketing strategy for your company or organization!


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Never Do These 5 Things in Video Marketing!

Facebook is logging over 8 billion video views by its users per day—even more than the population of earth—and it’s one of the most effective marketing-to-sales conversion methods ever. If you have something to sell, video production should be high on your list of marketing tools. That said… I have to tell you, there are some huge no-no’s when it comes to video marketing that you absolutely must avoid:

  1. Trying too hard to go “viral”—I know. We all love those tear-jerky Olympic moms ads and share them like there’s no tomorrow. Viral videos are an ever-changing-magic-voodoo mix of emotion, timeliness, tastefulness and humor. Videos that try too hard almost always end up horrifying. Like the Kia video with the human hamsters. Shudder.
  2. Making videos too long—Attention spans are getting shorter! 5 minutes is just way too long for most video projects. People get bored easily and move on to the next thing. We aim for the current sweet spot of between 2-3 minutes.
  3. Unclear branding—Ever watch a video ad and come away wondering what the point was? In the quest for “viral” content, marketers sometimes lose sight of the goal: making the sale. Don’t let your central brand message get lost in a herd of Internet cats.
  4. No call to action—Leaving out the call to action (giving the audience clear instructions about how to contact you and buy all the things) is so sad. Even if you have the best viral video ever, if your audience has no idea what to do next, all that hard work is more or less wasted.
  5. Not addressing a specific target audience—You know the old saying about trying to please everyone and not pleasing anyone? That’s truer than ever with today’s consumer. Before you even think about viral anything, focus on your target audience’s problems, needs and desires; your video should answer those problems for them.

One last thing: another huge mistake people make is not choosing the right video production team for their project. You need a partner who will communicate openly with you, understand your needs and narrow in on your marketing strategy and target audience from the get go. That’s something we excel at here, and I’m not just tooting my own tuba. Contact Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE and we’ll help you avoid these pitfalls while engaging and enchanting your target audience!