Are you a Professional? Prove It 3 Ways (with Video Production)

Humans are extremely visual—we prefer show over tell any day. We (as a species) have proved that by watching well over 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day. In fact, by 2020 (which is not as far away as it looks), videos are on track to comprise 75 percent of mobile traffic! So if you really want to prove just how awesome you are as a professional in your field, use a video production series showing your target audience exactly that! Here are three excellent ideas you can try:

  1. What’s in it for them? Viewers don’t really care how many cool bells and whistles your product has. But they do care about how you’re going to solve their problems! Create a series of short videos showcasing how your product or service solves actual, real-life problems. If you own a landscaping business, show them how you solve their yard pest problems. Show them how you increase their home’s real estate value. Use market research and talk with customers to gather ideas.
  2. Tell them a story. Stories draw us in, hold our attention and make us remember things. Humor, irony and strong emotions like surprise, sadness, love, romance, and extreme cuteness are irresistible hooks that draw people into your story. Has your product saved lives? Led to a marriage? Averted disaster? Comforted a child in need? Created a magical moment for someone? Show those stories in a video marketing series.
  3. Do something unconventional. Without being too gimmicky, how does your product go over the top to do amazing things nobody would ever have expected? Remember that “Will it Blend” series of videos for a little-known blender brand? Sure, it was crazy to pulverize expensive electronic gadgets (and other things) into oblivion, but it led to a huge increase in brand recognition and sales. Get real customers’ feedback for this and surprise your audience with crazy stories.

You can use these tips to brainstorm video series ideas that will demonstrate that you really know your stuff—and that you know your audience. And that goes a long way to helping you create the kind of video ad series that builds a fan base. Contact Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE, to work with a video production team that can help you really connect with your audience so they know you’re the pro!