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5 Ways to Win with Video Marketing in 2017

People watch 8 billion video views on Facebook—10 billion on Snapchat—daily. Videos are taking over Twitter and Instagram. Your customers want to watch. Plan a successful video marketing attack for 2017 with these tips:

1. Mix Video Production with Social Media

YouTube channels are great—you should have one. However, people access videos through social media more than anything today. Find out how your target audience watches video:

  • What is your target audience doing on social media?
  • Which social media platform is their favorite?
  • What do they love to watch and share?

Research the answers to those questions and create a series of sharable videos you can post on a regular basis that will get your target audience excited and sharing.

2. Show Video from Sales through Training

Your videos don’t have to be long (between 1-2 minutes is ideal), but they do need to provide real value—from the ones you use to sell to the ones you use to train new customers: Only 4% of customers are willing to read a manual to learn something, 44% of them willingly watch a training video.

3. Engage and Entertain with Live Video

In the past year, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other channels have had ginormous success with live video feeds. It’s an event! People feel like they’re part of something—asking questions while you answer in real time! That immediate engagement really turns people into fans. Plan some live events into your 2017 video production schedule.

4. That’s Infotainment!

You need to make your videos fun as well as informative, or they’ll die in seconds. Market research will help you decide what your prospects think is fun, so let that be your guide. Here’s how we made what could have been a fairly dry subject sunnier: Stay Warm in Philadelphia.

5. 360 Video Production Experience

360 immersive video may still cutting edge (for the next few minutes), but we predict that it’s going to really take off in 2017. Let us help you figure out a way to further engage your viewers with this exciting technology through everything from live video to web design and even email marketing! It’s all about having fun and providing value at the same time.

Contact the Bruce Productions video production team in Wilmington, DE today to create your video marketing success plan for 2017! And Happy New Year!