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5 Tips for Building an Audience of Fans through Video Production

I want to talk a little about the fine line between building traffic and building an audience through consistent video production. In my 5 Things Never to Do in Video Marketing blog a little while ago, I warned people to steer clear of making the “viral video” a goal and insisted that companies focus on frequently engaging their target audience.

Viral videos are obviously awesome: they build traffic and create a stir, but the long-term benefits drop when that 15-minutes-of-fame timer dings. People find other viral videos and forget your brand message.

However, the research on building an audience of fans (not just casual followers, but people so excited about your brand they spread that excitement to others) through video production brings me to the following tips:

  1. Solve their Problems—Post videos often on your website, social media and YouTube channel that show how your product or service can solve real, every-day problems for your target audience.
  2. Include Your Customers in the Video Production—Successful marketing is all about the relationship. If you already have some fans in your target audience, invite them to be part of video FAQs and testimonials.
  3. Engage and Remember—Again with the relationship already? Yes. Example: Do you ever get letters from customers about how your product solved their problems? Featuring their personal stories in video snippets by name (with permission, of course) will cement their loyalty, and they’ll tell their friends.
  4. Fix Problems in a Delightful Way—If you made a mistake (we all do), go above and beyond to fix it with a smile for the unhappy customer and you will probably make that customer a fan for life. Featuring these instances in videos shows that you’re real, that you’re not afraid to apologize, that you care and that people can trust your brand to make things right.
  5. Frequency and Consistency—You’ve already seen me sprinkle these words throughout this blog, but it’s critical to post video content regularly to all of your channels to keep your subscribers and target audience coming back and gathering new subscribers. Lags in video postings cause your fans to cool; keep them hot!

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