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5 Critical Reasons to Use Video Marketing

By next year, three quarters of all Internet traffic will be video. And Facebook already reports well over 8 billion video views every day. Businesses using video as a marketing tool report video-related sales boosts between 64-85 percent!

Why is it so powerful? This is what our video production team sees:

  1. It sticks in the brain—The brain recalls about 20 percent of what it hears, 30 percent of what it sees, yet a whopping 70 percent of the total sensory experience of hearing and seeing combined. And the brain also processes this combination of visual and audio about 60,000 times faster than plain text. The brain likes slurping up information via video. This is why an excellent video production really impacts the minds of your target audience and encourages action.
  2. Everybody loves a story—One of the things that draws people to a video that talks about your brand is “the story”. Including a protagonist, a problem and a triumph (courtesy of your product or service) tells a universal story that people immediately connect with.
  3. Video is versatile—You can adeptly take care of a broad range of marketing and customer service needs with video. Aside from storytelling in classic advertising format, you can also produce tutorial videos that demonstrate cool ways in which your product makes lives better. Webinars, video FAQs and customer testimonials… the list goes on.
  4. Video is the most popular shareable—Across social media, the most liked and most shared items are videos. And now that platforms like Facebook are streaming live videos, you can use video to actively engage with and interact in real time with viewers, answer their questions, gather customer data, and build relationships.
  5. It works—Twisting it back to the numbers, let me just reiterate that video actually brings solid results on so many levels. It boosts open rates in email marketing and click-through rates by a whopping 200-300 percent. 64 percent of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching one of your videos. What’s more, a great video interaction boosts brand association by 139 percent. How are these numbers even possible?

Simply this: Video production technology—like everything else in tech today—is exploding. Here at Bruce Productions in Wilmington, DE, we are part of that exciting explosion. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan out a great video marketing strategy for your company or organization!